Its been a while

2013-01-22 00:32:11 by Audikore

i miss NG, i'll upload some songs ... later in the future :b

Its... Well :D

2011-12-13 21:32:00 by Audikore

Finally I was able to upload!!! :D

updates on NG

2011-10-14 10:39:18 by Audikore

OK, too start off, first i like to say that. I'am officially will now update new songs to NG anytime possible ( that is, if i do have any newer songs to share :P )
Have been using FL from 2008 till now


2008 until early 2010 : Using Desktop, 256 RAM, Intel Pentium (Imagine how hard that is to even make music, Still i tried) FL8 all the way

late 2010 - 2011 : Using Laptop, 8 RAM, i7, Xi-fi Sound Blaster (Ok, i manage to get a hold of this Heaven, Now, no more buzz no more overloads no more problems) FL9 All the way

Well what the heck, what am i saying. Enjoy music fellow listeners :D

PS : Im no pro, im just me

So yeah.

2011-07-23 08:52:23 by Audikore

I've just joined NG. :)